Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Break in K Town

Easter Egg hunt at Grandmas 
Rolling eggs at the creek 
Moqui Cave
The girls love their shiny rocks. :)
Linkon's first trip to the T.V. towers

Watching the Croods at the Cresent Moon movie theater.

Link cannot get enough of the go cart. 
He gets so excited at the sight of it, and cries anytime we stop.
Easter Best.

Nothing but good times and sunshine. :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Year, Fresh Start

I know it has been a while but the truth is...although fully warned and somewhat prepared,
3 kids has kicked my booty! Literally. I have worked my butt off to the point I no longer have one, I may have to look into jeans are not looking so good.
 Not saying I don't LOVE it, because I do. We all do. Brylie is THE cutest big sister, doing everything she can to help out and make him smile. Shawn totes around his little buddy EVERYWHERE so he is completely spoiled, and Lauryn is just happy she finally has someone she is bigger than.
 I genuinely love everything about my little family of 5, but I cannot name one single thing I have accomplished in the past nine months. I kept telling myself when he got a little older I would get more done, as soon as he sleeps though the night I will be good to go...NOPE, still running around like a crazy person, and although I still hold onto the hope that someday I will be one of those amazing moms that has it all together, I have come to terms with the fact that I am not one, and will just have to start putting those boring time management/productivity books I read in college into practice. Meanwhile here is just a tiny bit of what we've been up to...

Brylie started Kindergarten

Lauryn started Preschool

Trip to Hawaii

Life is good. Sometimes busy, hard, crazy and even sad or disapointing but overall REALLY good. It is so true that hard things make you stronger,  bad times really do make you appreciate the good ones, and I am realizing more and more how many good times and good things I have. Not trying to be profound...we all know I'm not. :) That is just the reason why I can't let this little blog/journal of mine be forgotten about...I need to write it down and remind myself of all the wonderful, adorable, exhausting little things I'm lucky to have in my day to day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Sunshine

One major perk to this apartment living is the easy access to a pool. Brylie would live there if I'd let her. Every morning she asks if we can go swimming today and has turned into quite the mermaid. She swims all over, dives in, and has no problem being thrown into the water. 
Lauryn is perfectly content floating around in her floaties or reading a book by me. 
We all have been enjoying this summer least we were until the 90s hit this week. :) 


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunday Afternoons

Sundays are the only day we get to spend an entire day with Shawn. It is his day to relax and usually the day I am ready for an outing. To accommodate us both, I was hoping to have a relaxing Sunday drive to see the Atlanta, GA temple. The temple was beautiful, but unfortunately surrounded by a locked gate. After driving 45 minutes to get there, I was a little disappointed to say the least. The girls however are more easily pleased, and were thrilled about the soft thick grass that was at the church next door. So we still were able to see the temple from afar, and do a little relaxing (and rolling) on the grass.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where in the World is Papa Geno??

 Brylie is always very intrigued with how frequently my dad travels. She wants to know everything about where he is, what it is like there, whether it is day or night where papa is, and of course...when does she get to go with him??  Since that may be a while, I told her we would spend one night each time Grandpa went away learning all about his new destination.
 Our first night was all about CHINA. We broke out the fun facts, colored the Chinese Flag, found out which zodiac sign we were...Brylie, is a dog. Jaycie gave us a presentation on Pandas, we ate Chinese food with chopsticks, and finished the night off watching Kung Fu Panda 2.
So although we didn't get to join grandpa on his China adventure this time, we still had a fabulous time learning about it!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finding Joy in the Journey...


Our 30 hr Road Trip Across The Country

Somehow Shawn managed to convince us all into joining him in a 3 day journey to Georgia where he will be working this Summer. After a LONG process of getting everything ready we headed out on May 9th...with an extra car in tow. ( which may I just mention turned out to be a TERRIBLE idea!..the extra car I mean; not the entire trip.)

 Here we are packed up and ready to leave our lovely home in Cedar City, UT
The girls had a great attitude, and were excited to get started on our new adventure.
Driving into Arizona the girls were 100% positive we were driving though Radiator Springs. 
(You know the little town from the Disney movie Cars.:) I must admit it did look A LOT like it. The girls were super excited about this, and after a LONG discussion about the town, the characters, & the movie, they decided it must be a sign they needed to watch the show right then.
(So sweet how excited they get about such small things.)
Like any road trip it did not come without a few unexpected delays. We made it just outside Albuquerque, NM before our first small disaster occurred. We ended up having some trouble with the car dolly we were pulling when a pin came loose. This resulted in our family stuck on the side of the freeway in the middle of the night with a broken bumper, and a broken hand for Shawn. :( 
This is Lauryn @ 1:30 am, upside down in her carseat while waiting for the tow truck to arrive. 
She does not let anything get her spirits down! Brylie was just thrilled that she was allowed to stay up so late ...Seriously these girlies have such a good outlook on things. 

We weren't able to get away very early the next day due to the fact that Shawn spent the entire morning trying to rebuild the car handed I might add, but still made it across the entire state of Texas before stopping in our old summer home of Oklahoma City for the night.
Back on the Road Again...

On day 3 we drove through Arkansas & Tennessee then hoped to find a hotel where we could relax and revamp. Even this turned out to be a process...we could not seem to find a decent hotel that had a room available until Mississippi, and once again the car dolly turned out to be a major pain. We got stuck in a parking lot when other vehicles blocked us, and the tongue of the trailer broke completely off. Luckily Shawn used his iphone to find a VERY, VERY nice man that was able to weld it back together the next day, and we safely completely the last 5 hours of our trip.

The kids were AMAZING throughout this entire journey. They kept us laughing the entire time, even when we felt more like swearing. :) They sang Disney songs and Taylor Swift beautifully, colored pictures, watched movies, told jokes and took everything in stride.
This little man was also amazing. He slept so good in the car, and when he was awake his awesome big sisters were quick to entertain and give him his binkie when necessary.
Saturday- Day4,  we arrived to our new house in the sky.
 Mcdonough, GA 

Despite all of our minor hiccups along the way I genuinely enjoyed our LONG, LONG journey together. The scenery was beautiful, the company was fantastic, and Shawn was forced to listen to everything and anything I wanted to talk about. :)